Australia has the second-highest mesothelioma death fee on this planet, trailing only that of the United Kingdom. Mesothelioma, a uncommon cancer attributable to asbestos exposure, is leaving its mark on the nation with greater than 10,000 folks succumbing to the disease for the reason that early Eighties. According to most cancers consultants, an … Read More

Asbestos is the identify given to a bunch of naturally occurring fibrous silicate minerals. It was generally utilized in many constructing supplies earlier than the 1980s due to its durability, fireplace resistance and insulating properties.All asbestos elimination work undertaken at Monash University campuses follows strict secure work procedures.… Read More

A chronic medical condition, which affects the tissue of the lungs, is known as asbestosis. Generally the presence of asbestos in home building materials does not pose a risk to health unless the material is broken, deteriorating or disturbed in a way that dust containing asbestos fibres is produced. Because the Newport News Shipyard produced a la… Read More

Asbestos has been used extensively as an insulating material in building construction for many years. The Work Health and Safety Regulations imposes strict timeframes for notifying Comcare of respirable asbestos fibre levels at more than 0.02 fibres/ml. DIBP is managing the importation of crayons at the border and many suppliers are testing their … Read More

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